Science Assignments!
We are beginning our unit on Physical Science! Here are the first three articles to read. You do not need to print them out. On the last page is an activity to do with your family using things you will most likely have already at your house. Write a note on this week's Home Learning Schedule to tell what Science activities you completed (I'd love to see some pictures if you'd like to share some too)!
Happy Earth Day! Enjoy a video and some craft ideas to celebrate at home!
Social Studies Assignments
In Second Grade, we learn about our Countries closest neighbors, the Countries of Mexico and Canada! Here are some videos and activities you can do to learn more about the Country of Mexico! Write a note on this week's Home Learning Schedule to tell what Social Studies activities you completed (I'd love to see some pictures if you'd like to share some too)!
Science Assignments!
Read the following articles and complete the activities on page 4 for "Move It" and "Forces." you do not need to do this for "Systems"
Social Studies Assignments!
Science Assignments!
Read the following articles and complete the activities on page 4 for our new Science Unit Called, "Earth-Space Science." 
Social Studies Assignments!
Watch the following videos to learn about the Country of Canada
  • Brain Pop Jr. video about Mexico!
​         Username: EpiphanyStars (capitals do not matter)
         Password: stars2020
Science Assignments!
Read the following articles and complete the activities on page 4!
Watch the following videos to learn about the Country of Canada
  • Visit to Listen to Books about Canada, Mexico and growing pumpkins!
Social Studies Assignments!
Science Assignments!
Read the following articles and complete the activities on page 4!
Social Studies Assignments!
Read the following articles and complete the activities on the last page!

Suggested OFFLINE


If possible, print the following document for your child to complete!

         Printable (Choice Board) Activities to Complete at Home This Week: 

         Home Learning Menu A

         Home Learning Menu B

         Printable (Graphic Organizers) Reading Comprehension Activities for any                   Children's Book: Graphic Organizers

Suggested Workbook/Packet Work

If possible, please have your child complete:


A lesson each day in the Math packet that they brought home on Measurement:

Lesson 11-10 (Meters pg. 513-514)

Lesson 11-11 (Perimeter pg. 515-516)

Lesson 11-12 (Area pg. 517-518)

Lesson 11-13 (Grams and Kilograms pg. 519-520)

Lesson 11-14 (Liters 521-522)

UPDATE 3/23: For week #2 (3/23- 3/27), Students can begin accessing their Sadlier Math lessons online as an e-book.

Username: SadlierStudent
Password: ReadyToLearn!

Once logged in, students will need to select the program and grade; Progress in Mathematics, Grade 2 (It's blue and the students will recognize it!)


The students will need to do the work on a separate sheet of paper (labeled with their name and the name of the lesson) or it can be completed in their Math Journal that they brought home.

If you prefer a paper copy of the packet instead of accessing the book online, please e-mail me to make arrangements to get the material. As long as I am able to enter my classroom, I should be able to arrange for you to pick up the packets and put them outside on the table for you to pick up at your convenience. (

This week's Math lessons will include:

Check Your Progress; Chapter 11; Lessons 10-14

Lesson 15- Volume

Lesson 16- Temperature

Lesson 17- Chose tools and Units of Measure

Lesson 18-Problem Solving (Using a Map)

Lesson 19-Problem Solving (Mixed Applications)


A lesson each day in Purple Lent Book (Just do their best with answers or skim lesson. More information will be coming about lessons in their Religion workbook as well as preparing for the Sacred Heart Mass scheduled for April 2nd)

UPDATE 3/23: The school has also been working on getting access to the student's Religion text and workbooks online. I will be sending out information asap on how to access the textbook and interactive workbook asap. If the closure is extended this will be a valuable tool to continue preparing for 1st Communion and formation of Faith. 

In the meantime, students can access the Formed website for e-books, audio books and videos.


Writing Prompt for their Morning Journals: (Chose one for each day and write 3-5 sentences. Then illustrate and color a picture)


#1: On St. Patrick's Day, everyone is a wee bit Irish! Write an adventure story about a mischievous, magical leprechaun.

#2. Imagine you were with St. Patrick when he lived in Ireland. What did you see and hear? What was he like and what did he teach people about God?


#1: Pretend that you area daffodil that has just bloomed. Write a spring story from the flower's point of view.

#2. Imagine that you have just found a package of seeds. After you plant the seeds, something very silly happens! Write about the silly event.


#1: Imagine that you became a rabbit for a day. Write about what you might eat, do or see.

#2. Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get the name? If not, what nickname would you give yourself and why?


#1: Hurrah! It's the first day of spring! Write an acrostic poem about the sights, sounds and smells of spring.

#2. Spring is a time for playing outdoors, but sometimes rain puts a stop to that. Write about the outdoor fun you could have if it was really rainy and muddy but you could still play outside all day.


#1: Write a folktale that tells why roses have thorns on their stems.

#2. Write a story about what it would be like to wake up being one inch tall.


#1: Imagine you entered a time capsule and you are now living 50 years in the future. What is your school or home like in the future?

#2. Draw a picture of an invention you would like to create. Write 3-5 sentences about what your invention does and why it is useful.


#1: Pretend you are having a conversation with a bear that has just woken up from it's long winter nap! Write a story about the conversation you and the bear might have.

#2. If you could call anyone in the world today, whom would you call? What would you talk about? Why did you chose this person?


#1: Pretend you found a pot at the end of a rainbow but when you look inside, it is NOT filled with GOLD. What is is it filled with? Does that make you happy or disappointed? Tell why you feel that way and what you will do about it.

#2. Pretend you traveled to the end of a rainbow. How did you get there? Did you take anyone with you? Write 3-5 sentences about what you saw and did when you finally got there.


#1: March 26 is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! Think of a name for your new holiday and decide how it will be celebrated. Write 3-5 sentences about this new celebration.

#2. If you had to eat only one kind of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for an entire week, what food would you choose? Write 3-5 sentences telling why that food was your top choice.


#1: What would you rather do; climb to the top of a mountain, or see the ocean floor with a submarine? Write 3-5 sentences about what you imagine it would be like there.

#2. Imagine a new friend moves in next store but doesn't speak the same language. What are some things you could do together without having to communicate by talking?


Complete at least ten minutes each day of handwriting/cursive practice in your workbook or by copying a prayer or scripture. Or write and mail a letter to a friend or family member! Maybe, Mrs. Heelen will write a letter to you!


Drop Everything and Read Time (D.E.A.R.) Read for at least 20 minutes each day. If possible, keep a Reading Log of the books you are reading from home! Remember to take turns reading aloud to a grown-up or family member and also listen to stories read aloud to you!

UPDATE 3/19: Each Student has a Pearson Realize Username and Password to access the Reading Curriculum. I have assigned the chapter called, Dear Juno. I have emailed each parent with their student's log-in information and assignments have been posted for each day this week. 


UPDATED 3/23: Spelling Word Sorts: Create your own word cards to sort at home each day! Use index cards or cut paper into squares and show your parents how we sort our words at school each day!


Suggested additional word work includes:

Mon- Four words with pictures and sentences

Tues- Eight words, 3x each in pencil, crayon and marker

Wed- Nine words in pyramid style

Thur- Ten words in rainbow letters

Fri- Write a story using at least 8 of your spelling words (serious, silly or sad!)


   Spelling Lists for 3/23-27


          Blue Group- Short -u and Long -u (Open Syllable -ew and -ue)

          thumb, new, blue, grew, truth, flue, plump, chew, do, due, brush, glue, few, junk, true, stuck, flew,            stew, knew, crew, blew, dew, trunk, sew

         Orange Group- Review for CVVC Pattern

          wait, read, need, beast, toast, wheel, sheep, leak, coast, trail, deaf, three, neat, moan, sheets,                meant, rail, cheek, pea, throat, dread, cream, sail, thread

         Green Group- Short -e (CVC and CVVC) and Long -e (CVVC)

         trees, when, dead, each, head, street, dream, steam, breath, queen, bread, great, sled, beach,

         reach, east, east, seat, lead, sweet, death

    Wordly Wise: Complete one section of Lesson 11 each day

         Mon- 11A, Tues- 11B, Wed- 11C, Thur- 11D and Fri- Complete the Crossword Puzzle!

Thank you for your flexibility and patience during this time. The most important thing is that your children remain healthy and happy. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You are in my prayers and I am missing my wonderful class of Happy Campers!

-Jennifer Heelen

Jennifer Heelen

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School Mission Statement: Epiphany Catholic School, a Christ-centered environment is dedicated to developing the whole child through academic excellence and nourishing servant leaders in the footsteps of Jesus.

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